Pastel   12 X 18

     As you can tell, I decided against keeping the lightning in there, simply because it looked out of place, and didn’t fit into the painting. I did add suttle touches of greens, and purples, along with a somewhat dark blue edge of the storm. The amazing thing is, what I thought would be the easiest item to add, the boat, turned out to be the hardest. No matter what I tried, how many times I changed it, it never looked right. I came close to leaving it out, but in the end I finally settled on whats in the painting.

   I have a Art in the Park event coming up this weekend, and I think I am going to display this, and another yet to be decided painting, but out of the storm series of paintings, I still am fond of “Storm Front”.

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Lost in a painting

    As you can tell this is still a work in progress, but the main problem I am having is deciding to keep the lightning in the painting, or take them out. I was thinking on keeping on of them, but getting it to look good is giving me a headache. I thought something as simple as a lightning bolt would be easy, but boy was I wrong. Another thing that is bothering me is the boat. I don’t think I have a deep enough blue to make it dark enough. I would use black, but I remember reading somewhere that you should not really use a flat black, but I may have to use it anyway.

   Everything else seems to be taking shape rather nicely, or I would like to beleive that it is. One thing I have noticed, that whenever I think I am done with a drawing, or painting, I will look at it several weeks later and notice things that I should be fixed. Eh, maybe it’s just me, becuase I am my own worse critic.

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Welcome to my blog.


Welcome, and thanks for stopping by

      Hello everybody, and thanks for taking a look at my new blog.

   Hope everybody bears with me, as this is my first attempt at a blog. What are my blogs going to be about? well, I am an artist, or that is what some people say I am, but I like to refer to myself as an artist learning. I am a self taught artist, who as recently as a year ago, really gotten involved into landscapes in either pastels, or pencil / charcoal. Before that, I had really concentrated on animated work, such as  Mickey Mouse, Family Guy, and the likes. In a way, I guess you could say that I was a copy cat artist. Funny enough, that Family Guy Blue Harvest (below), is what started back into drawing after over 10 years of not drawing, or doing any artwork at all.

This 18 X 24 charcoal / pencil drawing was a two month process, but after finishing it, it dawned on me that I would not be able to sell this piece after all of my hard work. That is when I decided on getting serious about art. After some nudging from my wive, and family members, I dived right into landscape work. Nights of reading, practicing, and oddly enough, youtube videos, some wierd looking landscapes, and plenty of paper, I got the courage to enter my local libraries juried art show with this piece, Mountainview.

     Though it was not good enough to win an award, it did sell. My very first art show, and my piece sold. Shocked? Yes, but at the same time, it encouraged me to continue, and work even harder. I know I have a long way to go in pastels, but I am on the edge to stick with one medium.

    Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. This blog I hope to take you along with me as I journey deeper into landscapes in pastel, and graphite / charcoal, and perhaps get better along the way.

  To see all of my work, please visit my website at


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